How to Make Your Vanilla Plants To Flower

Vanilla orchids are planted to flower, therefore if yours is not flowering, then one thing or the other could be wrong. These plants have extraordinarily specific water, sunlight, temperature, and humidness preferences. They will not flower if these requirements are not met. It is therefore important for you to create the changes to the placement of the plants on your land or region to closely match what the plants would like, and exquisite inexperienced, blue, or white plants are your reward. So, if you’re to enable your vanilla plant flower, then you will to carefully lookout for factors below;

Try to confirm the age of your vanilla plant

Unfortunately, your vanilla plants cannot flower till they’re 3 years. If yours area unit younger than 3, then they’ll not flower and neither can you rush them.

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Look at the colour of the vanilla plant’s leaves

The colour of the leaves of your vanilla plants plays a vital half in serving to confirm whether or not your vanilla plants area unit getting to bloom or not.  Please note of those factors below;

If they’re dark inexperienced, which means they’re obtaining an excessive amount of sun exposure. Therefore you need to add in some shelter in your garden so as to decrease the amount of sunlight the vanilla plants are getting.

If the leaves area unit yellow or maybe a brown color, this suggests that there’s not enough sun exposure. In this case, you should try to create more access to the sunlight by the vanilla plants by cutting down obstacles from you vanilla garden that inhibit enough sunlight to reach the plants.

If the leaves area unit a lightweight inexperienced, which means there’s an ideal quantity of daylight reaching it. The wrong quantity of daylight will inhibit the blooming.

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Determine the temperature around your vanilla plants throughout day and nighttime hours

Vanilla plants need a temperature of seventy °F (21 °C) throughout the day. However permit a 10 degree decrease in the evening so as to flower properly. Make sure that the vanilla plants get enough daylight throughout the day. This plays a large role within the correct blooming of Vanilla plants.

How long will it fancy get a vanilla bean?

You need to permit around 3-4 years once planting eight nodes of a vanilla cutting before a flower can seem. The flower should be hand pollinated, sometimes by hour on the day that the flower seems (the flower last for less than some hours). The bean that results from that pollinated flower can mature in nine months. The method|natural action|action|activity} process takes 3-4 weeks, and so the bean is prepared to be used.

What do I do if my flower has several flowers, however i’m not obtaining any vanilla beans?

This means that it’s not being pollinated. Hand-pollinate the flower by employing a pick or chopsticks to carefully brush along the male and feminine components of the flower (the solely natural insect of the Vanilla planifolia could be a single bee species endemic to Mexico). The beans can mature in regarding 8-9 months, turning slightly yellow at one finish.

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What plant food is required for my Vanilla planifolia plant?

Many fertilizers could also be used. A 20-20-20 plant food is fine; a plant food with nitrate chemical element would be best, however not needed. i might counsel the “weakly weekly” choice once it involves watering any flower, in the course of a monthly watering with no plant food (a flush). Use 1/5 to 1/4 the suggest quantity through the season (late spring – early fall). scale back the fertilizing frequency al l the way down to once a month or not in any respect through winter. If you are within the tropics, you’ll be ready to fertilize year-around.

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