2020 Ford Ranger review for Uganda

What you need to know about the Ford Ranger 2020 pick-up in Uganda

Ford Ranger (codename T6) is a nameplate that has been used on several model lines of vehicles sold by Ford. The successor to the Mazda-produced Ford Courier, the Ranger was introduced for 1983 as the first compact pickup truck produced by Ford.

In North America, the Ranger is slotted below the F-150 in the Ford light truck range, serving as the smallest Ford pickup truck. In markets where Ford does not market the F-Series/Super Duty trucks, the Ranger is typically the only pickup truck sold by Ford.

How do you buy a Ford ranger 2020 while in Uganda?

There are a number of ways you can buy the 2020 Ford Ranger pick-up if you are in Uganda. Occasionally you could just go the car bond around town and check them out and see if you can find one. I usually prefer you go there physically so that you determine the price and physical state of the vehicle yourself or if you have someone you trust. He can do that for you so that you just come to pay for the vehicle.

On payment of the vehicle, you need to have a TIN in which your vehicle will be transferred. The car dealer will give the date on which he will complete the sale process like number plate registration, log book, insurance among other things. For 2020 Ford Ranger say XLT 3.2L can go for a price of around 250 to 300 million Uganda shillings. But still, it all depends on how you bargain with your car dealer.

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How do you import a Ford Ranger 2020 into Uganda?

Well, there are some people who only wish to import their own vehicles into Uganda. And I know some who have done and continue to do it. They look a vehicle of their preference and then order for it. But what is the process of ordering a vehicle from Europe or Japan per say if you may ask yourself?

At least with some of the car dealers in have dealt with will require to look for a vehicle you need. In case you want a 2020 Ford Ranger Pick-Up. He will give you a quotation and may be try bargain the price. If you reach an agreement on the price, make you an invoice having your details like names, email, physical address, your contacts plus the vehicle’s details you are to import.

On 50% deposit of the cost of the vehicle, the vehicle will be shipped and after shipment, the car dealer will issue you a Bill of Lading (shipment receipt) so that you can truck your vehicle. As the vehicle reaches the your port in this case Mombasa, the remaining payment in expected to be made and a Bill of Lading surrender will be issued to you. From there on, you can proceed to clear your vehicle from customs.

Ford Ranger 2020 pick-up general review for Uganda

Let’s start with the 2020 Ford Ranger Pick-Up interior

Overall, the Ranger’s interior materials are a cut above what you find in most midsize pickups. Plus, there is a sense of style to go along with the solid build quality, and some of the switchgear is drawn from a common component set that is also used for Lincolns costing twice the Ranger’s price. Controls are simple and functional, the only oddity being the power window switch located on the dashboard rather than on the door panel.


Equipped with comfortable front seats wrapped in cloth that looks good and feels durable, the test truck supplied 8-way power adjustment for both front seats yet still offered a manual seatback recline function.

As is true of most midsize pickups, the Ranger SuperCrew’s back seat is tight for adults but supplies proper support. Fully padded and fabric-wrapped front seatbacks help knees and shins to find a happy home.

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Climate Control System

Standard equipment with XLT and Lariat trim, the Ranger’s dual-zone automatic climate control system is quite effective at cooling the cabin. However, Ford does not supply rear air conditioning vents to passengers. If cold weather comes, heated front seats are available for the XLT and standard with Lariat trim.

Infotainment System

As infotainment technology advances, Ford’s Sync 3 system isn’t keeping up with the march of time. Mainly, the issues with Sync 3 relate to slow loading time and voice recognition that isn’t as sophisticated as buyers increasingly expect.

With that said, Sync 3 remains a user-friendly platform. The 8-inch touchscreen is nicely sized for the Ranger’s cabin, and separate stereo and climate controls do limit the need for a driver to interact with the display.

Sync 3 is also feature-rich, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, FordPass Connect services including a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot supporting up to 10 different devices, and a FordPass App for smartphones and Apple smart watches. FordPass App powers the Ranger’s remote engine starting and remote door lock operation functions, and supports use of both Alexa and Waze.

Storage and Space

Ranger owners rate the truck’s storage and space as among their least favorite things about the vehicle. Most likely, this has to do with the SuperCrew’s popularity and this cab style’s 5-foot cargo box. Midsize trucks from Chevrolet, GMC, Nissan, and Toyota all offer a 6-foot bed with a crew cab configuration.

Inside, the Ranger does have a rather small bin under the center armrest. Otherwise, you can use the good-sized storage bin forward of the transmission shifter, the tray on the top of the dashboard, the accommodating door panel bins, or the bin underneath the back seat.

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What is the resale value for the Ford Ranger 2020 in Uganda?

Well, Ford Rangers haven’t been fancied by many Ugandans. If you had to sell yours, it would only be bought by someone who has a special attachment to the brand and truck as whole. Someone with a Toyota Hilux would have sold his while yours is still on the bench! Resale value is relatively good though. All you have to do is not rush. Someone who knows what they are looking for and buying will definitely come by…

What are the problems of the Ford Ranger 2020 pick-up while in Uganda?

The Ford Ranger is an extremely hot truck. It’s perfect for the person who occasionally needs a truck to move or tow something, but who doesn’t want to deal with the headaches of driving a full-sized truck. Highly evolved concepts, advanced technology, and special features make newer models of the Ford Ranger even better than the classics.

The 2020 model is still too new to give a well detailed review. However with my experience with 2015, 2016 2018 models I think these vehicles don’t differ a lot only that there’s a new FX2 package available in rear-wheel-drive models for 2020, and it adds some off-road-oriented features. There’s also a bit of feature shuffling between the three Ranger trims. Otherwise, this Ford is unchanged from the 2019 model. The 2019 Ford Ranger was an all-new version of the long-running nameplate.

With said, the problems come in when you get mechanical problem and let it not be with the fuel system because that  is going to really make you pay through the nose! If say you happen to take adulterated fuel, it will be most likely that your ford will lose strength. It in most cases require to replace all the nozzles of which each can cost as much as 3.5 million! Very costly! Theeww! So maintenance is costly and some spare are not readily available.

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What competitors does the Ford Ranger 2020 pick-up have in Uganda?

2020 Ford Ranger Pick-Up has the its main competitor as the 2020 Toyota Hilux, the L200 Mitsubishi, 2020 Nissan Navara pick-up, and the Mazida BT-20 pick-up as the main rivals. No one else comes close…

Our Conclusion

Our ride with the 2020 Ranger has left us with a better impression, mainly thanks to the optional FX2 Package. I recommend it (or the FX4 Package on Rangers equipped with 4-wheel drive).

Beyond the driving dynamics, the Ranger supplies a satisfying powertrain, comfortable seats, a simple and useful cabin, and rugged good looks. Improved crash-test ratings and a longer 6-foot-bed option with the SuperCrew cab would be nice-to-haves, but otherwise this high-quality midsize pickup truck delivers satisfaction.

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